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Subway is a key element in Budapest public transport where the number of available target audience is about 500 thousand people. The wide variety of subway media allows to reach the targeted group of travellers.

With the right mix of subway surfaces we can reach people who are otherwise ad-avoiders because in the subway the low clutter makes possible to display unique and powerful creatives.

Metró reklám információ EN

Subway media informations


  • Outstanding reach

  • Low clutter

Benefits of subway media

  • Size: custom

  • Posting:
    From the 1st day (and the 16th of each month)

  • Costs:
    Rental and posting | Creative Design | Production

Subway media types

Formats outside the subway car

Formats inside the subway car

Subway media references

Citylight in the subway
Citylight in the subway
Floor sticker
Subway interior poster
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Photos on this site provide only an illustration of each media platforms, Mediafield Outdoor does not aim to appear them as its own reference. Our references can be viewed on our clients subpage.

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