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spectacularly and efficiently

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We specialized in out of home mediabuying:
nationally, regionally and locally.


Outstanding professional knowledge

With our experience, knowledge and negotiation skills we serves you, the advertiser.

We are in a partnership with more media owner companies so we can provide complex outdoor solutions to our clients.


We do not own advertising space, nor do we have contracts with outdoor mediavendors to sell their inventory. We are your partner and the guardian of your marketing budget. And we will never recommend a campaign that we do not believe in.

Best value for money

We listen to you, our client to find out what your goals are. From their we will propose an out of home plan that fits your needs and your budget. When you are ready to proceed, we buy the advertising space for you. You will receive the best value for your advertising budget.

Full-scale implementation

Our full service includes not just planning and buying media platforms but also covers counselling, strategy, creative process, production and monitoring.


Counseling and OOH strategy

We help our clients to work out a unique campaign strategy, and then we make a proposal for the implementation according to the need and goals.

All of our clients has dedicated contact person who is available for any questions.

Optimized campaign planning

We perform the surface-level campaign sorting using an industry-specific and own developed software.

Planning with softwares give an opportunity to compile optimal outdoor campaigns that are based on widely accepted indicators (Reach, GI, GRP, CPT) on the media market, We can specify different parameters at the planning: target area, target group, budget.

Online client access to the campaign plan

We provide online client access to our campaigns. It is possible to review all advertising spaces in the campaign plan with a photo viewer and on a map surface.

Full service

You have nothing to do just sit back:

We provide a full service to our customers.

Effective creatives:

We participate in the creative process: we give advice and help in the creative work or if you need we prepare the graphic design in-house.

Production, logistics and postering:

Printing jobs are served on the highest quality on the best price available.

We pay a high attention to keep deadlines during the process of the campaign management and be in contact with the media owners, printing offices, transporters, warehouses, designers and foremost with you.


We check the postering and correct postering problems or damaged posters. A photo documentation is sent about each postering to our client.

Efficiency research

(Kantar-Hoffmann – C-Test)

Campaigns' effectiveness can be evaluated based on a representative online survey research by Kantar-Hoffmann.


In the effeciency research we measure the recognition, identification, awareness, like/dislike of advertisements.

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Our clients can reach their costumers always in the right environment and strengthen the brand communication with our nation-wide outdoor portfolio. We offer not only traditional outdoor advertising spaces (billboard, citylight, vehicle advertising) but also spaces with a unique appearance.

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If you wish to request a proposal for a campaign, please fill in the below form and our dedicated sales team will be in touch with you within the next 72 hours to assist you with your requirements.

We have received your inquiry and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mediafield Outdoor Media Agency

TM Company Kft.

Phone: +36 1 700 1306


Budapest office: 1138 Budapest, Népfürdő str. 22.

Debrecen office: 4026 Debrecen, Péterfia str. 13-19.

CRN: 15 09 074087

Tax number: 13754503-2-15

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