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Ambient media can be a targeted supplementary of national and regional campaings which stand out from the clutter due to their no ordinary appearance.

We can plan the route and schedule of ambient media unique, thus the appearance are fully tailored to our clients' needs.

Ambient eszközök információ EN

Benefits of ambient media

  • Unique size

  • Multiple daily reach of major target areas

  • Reach uncovered areas

  • Fast and flexible launching

  • Spectacular appearance

  • Measurable efficienc

  • Individually customized routes based on client's demand

National coverage

  • Can be used in any area of the country

Ambient media types

Ambient media references

Mobile Billboard
Podium van
Mobile Billboard
Mobile billboard
Mobile billboard
Mobil billboard
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Photos on this site provide only an illustration of each media platforms, Mediafield Outdoor does not aim to appear them as its own reference. Our references can be viewed on our clients subpage.

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